Surya Mandir Modhera 360 Degree View

Surya Mandir Modhera 360 Degree View: Being a country in the equatorial region, since time immemorial, worship of Sun God has been practised in the Indian subcontinent. There are many Sun Temples in India including Sun Temple Konark in Odisha, Suryanar Koil in Kumbakonam Tamil Nadu, Surajkund Ancient Reservoir near New Delhi etc. One of the famous Sun Temples in India is of course Sun Temple Modhera in Gujarat.


Who built Modhera Sun Temple? Well, it was built by the Solanki King Bhimdev in 1026 CE. They were called Suryavashies or the descendants of Sun God! The year 1026 CE is fixed on the assumption that Mohammad of Ghazni tried to conquer and was defeated here in 1024-25 CE. It is also assumed that there may have been another stepwell or the early form of this stepwell itself, here before that which might have gotten destroyed under Ghazni’s invasion and the reconstruction may have been in 1026 CE.


The sculptural detail in this temple was beyond my comprehension, beyond words. Sun Temple Modhera plan has 3 major sections – The pond at the front called Suraj Kund or Ram Kund, the dancing area in the centre called Nrutya Mandap and the sanctum sanctorum called the Guda Mandap. Beside the pond were these 2 pillars. The original location of these pillars is not this though. It was kept here by the ASI. The best part is the on-site museum as well, maintained by ASI


I was there in the afternoon and the sun is shining hot, and the stepped well / pond was spectacular. It was a visual treat. The way the shadows fell was mind-blowing. I could sit there and see on seeing them. Walking down the zig-zag steps feels so special. Along those steps, at certain places are some small mandapas and some of them even have a diety inside, not just 1 or 2, a whole of 108 shrines dedicated to various god & demigods… Three of those 108 are important and centrally placed in the east, north and south (on the west is the temple itself) dedicated to Vishnu, Shiva and Durga. That’s water conservation at its best! When God is placed along with water, out of respect to God, water is not made dirty!!! That’s something!!!!


Just behind the stepwell is the Nrutya Mandapa. In simple words, I was flabbergasted with the beauty of the mandapa. It is believed that earlier only the Pond and the temple existed and Nritya Mandapa was built a bit later in the same century. It is just a hall with several pillars and an entrance on all 4 sides. The entrance has some exquisite toran designs. Each and every pillar has several layers of panels of various genres. A layer of geometric designs, a layer of florals, a layer of humans, a layer of bigger humans, a layer of elephants etc etc etc!!! I was there for about an hour and I got lost!!! The ceiling design was also another piece of art. Each and every section was unique!! Some sections even had panels of scenes from Ramayana, erotic scenes and more!!! I actually stopped taking photographs and just sat in the middle of the mandapa, speechless and awestruck!!!

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Surya Mandir Modhera 360 DegreeView

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