Year’s Movement From Holi Festival

Year’s Movement From Holi Festival: Sunday Holi is on March 24 and Holi is lit in all the villages and localities on Sara Choghdia in the evening. According to our ancient belief, many old people make a special observation every year from which direction the wind of Holi i.e. the wind of Holi goes. It is estimated how the coming year will be from the wind of Holi. Let’s know according to the ancient belief, in today’s post, in the direction of the wind of Holi, what kind of rain will happen next year?

Year’s Movement From Holi Festival

The festival of Holi has great spiritual significance. The direction of the wind is very important when burning Holika in Holi. In Holi, the wind direction of the coming year is calculated. That is, how the rain will be in the next year and how many years it will be is estimated. Similarly, from the direction of the wind, what will be the rain and things like drought, storm are also predicted.. Then the well-known meteorologist of Gujarat, Ambalal Patel, has given information to know about the direction of the wind and its effects.

Importance of Holi Jal
We have an ancient phrase very popular there. Think about Holi day, good bad fruit essence, west wind and same time is said to be good. When Holi is lit in the auspicious time of Gamo Gam, in which direction does the Holi lamp go? It is specially observed.. It is believed that monsoon rains will be good if the wind is blowing from the west side and the Holi wind is blowing in the east direction.

Year movement from Holi festival

  • From the direction of the Holi wind, the next year’s rainfall is predicted.
  • It is believed that if the north wind blows during Holi, the rains will be good next year and there will be good cold in the winter and the grain will ripen well.
  • It is believed that if the east wind blows during Holi, the rains will be very good and the year will be twelve years.
  • There is a belief that if the wind blows in the western direction during Holi, there will be good rain so that the paddy does not dry up, so it can be considered that the monsoon lasts for eight years.
  • If the wind blows from the south direction, there is a danger of drought and it is believed that there will be a shortage of grains.
  • If the wind blows towards the north-east corner during Holi, the rain will be good overall, but it will be cold, that is, it is believed to be a year of sixteen.
  • If the wind blows in the north-west direction during Holi, there will be good rain along with the wind.
  • A south-westerly wind during Holi indicates moderate rainfall and there is a belief that there will be pest infestation.
  • In Holi, there is a possibility of drought if the wind of Agni direction blows
  • If the wind blows in different directions from all directions, the year will be weak.
  • If the dome goes straight up during Holi, there are chances of calamities like war.

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